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K-MD2 Datasheet(PDF) 14 Page - RFbeam Microwave GmbH

Part No. K-MD2
Description  Engineering Sample
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Maker  RFBEAM [RFbeam Microwave GmbH]
Homepage  https://www.rfbeam.ch/

 14 page
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RFbeam Microwave GmbH | Schuppisstrasse 7 | CH-9016 St. Gallen | www.rfbeam.ch | K-MD2 Engineering Sample | data sheet
07/2018 – Revision A | Page 14/23
File System
Changing anything on the file system can result in an irreparable state where the radar has to
be reprogrammed by RFbeam Microwave GmbH.
This file is always run, but will refer to
/mnt/rcS if it exists.
(optional) This file is run instead of
This is the default start-up script that starts the sensor server
(optional) This file is run instead of
This is the executable. It reads the configuration file(s).
This is the default configuration file for the sensor server.
This is the user configuration file. Any entries override those in the default configuration file.
This is the default output log file.
Files in this folder are loaded on to the processor.
This file shows the software and firmware versions that were used to create the boot image.
This file defines the mount points, including
This is a ram disk, used for updating the firmware.
Table 5: Radar file system
The sensor server configuration is loaded from files
containing key/value pairs. The key and value must
be separated by an equals sign:
key = value
The default configuration file
ver.conf is always loaded. If the user configuration
/mnt/sensor_server.conf exists, it is loaded
as second and any values overwrite the value loaded
from the default configuration file.
The following table describes the system parameter
which can be changed by the user in the
The level for messages in the log file.
The level for messages displayed on the terminal.
The name and location of the log file.
Maximum time to allow for receiving commands.
The types of message sent by the sensor server.
The network TCP port.
The serial interface.
The serial interface baud rate.
The maximum length of messages sent via the serial interface.
Clocks from PLL trigger to ADC sample.
Clocks from ADC sample to PLL trigger.
Number of sweeps in the FMCW modulation scheme.
Number of times the sweeps are repeated.
Number of repeats where the ADC samples are not stored.
Number of steps in each FMCW sweep.
Number of steps in the first sweep where the ADC sample is not stored.
Number of clocks between the first PLL trigger and the first ADC sample.
The initial frequency of the FMCW sweep.
The bandwidth of the FMCW sweep.
The receiver VGA gain in dB
Table 6: System parameter
System parameter which aren’t described in this table are system dependent and must not be changed.
Changing of these parameter can result in an irreparable state where the radar has to be reprogrammed
by RFbeam Microwave GmbH.

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