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TDA4863-2_05 Datasheet(PDF) 11 Page - Infineon Technologies AG

Part No. TDA4863-2_05
Description  Power-Factor Controller (PFC) IC for High Power Factor and Low THD
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Maker  INFINEON [Infineon Technologies AG]

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Functional Description
Version 2.1
22 Feb 2005
To prevent false tripping the zero current detector is designed as a Schmitt-Trigger with
a hysteresis of 0.5 V. An internal 5 V clamp protects the input from overvoltage
breakdown, a 0.6 V clamp prevents substrate injection. An external resistor has to be
used in series with the auxiliary winding to limit the current through the clamps.
Restart Timer
The restart timer function eliminates the need of an oscillator. The timer starts or restarts
the TDA4863-2 when the driver output has been off for more than 150 Āµs after the
inductor current reaches zero.
Undervoltage Lockout
An undervoltage lockout circuitry switches the IC on when V
CC reaches the upper
threshold V
CCH and switches the IC off when VCC is falling below the lower threshold VCCL.
During start up the supply current is less then 100 ĀµA.
An internal voltage clamp has been added to protect the IC from V
CC overvoltage
condition. When using this clamp special care must be taken on power dissipation.
Start up current is provided by an external start up resistor which is connected from the
AC line to the input supply voltage V
CC and a storage capacitor which is connected from
VCC to ground. Be aware that this capacitor is discharged before the IC is plugged into
the application board. Otherwise the IC can be destroyed due to the high capacitor
Bootstrap power supply is created with the previous mentioned auxiliary winding and a
diode (see ā€œApplication Circuitā€ on Page 21).
Gate Drive
The TDA4863-2 totem pole output stage is MOSFET compatible. An internal protection
ciruitry is activated when V
CC is within the start up phase and ensures that the MOSFET
is turned off. The totem pole output has been optimized to achieve minimized cross
conduction current during high speed operation.
Compared to TDA4863 a bigger MOS Transistor can be driven by the TDA4863-2. When
a big MOSFET is used in applications with TDA4863, for example SPP20N60C3, the
falling edge of the gate drive voltage can swing under GND and can cause false
triggering of the IC. To prevent false traiggering the gate drive voltage of theTDA4863-2
at low state and gate current I
GT = 0mA is set to VGTL= 0.85V (TDA4863: VGTL=0.25V).
The difference between TDA4863-2 and TDA4863 is also depicted in the diagram: gate drive
voltage low state on page 20.

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