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LM3352MTCX-2.5 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

[Old version datasheet] Texas Instruments acquired National semiconductor.
Part No. LM3352MTCX-2.5
Description  Regulated 200 mA Buck-Boost Switched Capacitor DC/DC Converter
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Maker  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
Homepage  http://www.national.com

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Filter Capacitor Selection (Continued)
iii) C
A 1 µF, XR7 ceramic capacitor should be connected to pin
FIL. This capacitor provides the filtering needed for the in-
ternal supply rail of the LM3352.
Of the different capacitor technologies, a sample of vendors
that have been verified as suitable for use with the LM3352
are shown in
Table 2.
TABLE 2. Capacitor Vendor Information
(408) 573-4150
(408) 573-4159
(803) 448-9411
(803) 448-1943
(207) 324-4140
(207) 324-7223
(847) 843-7500
(847) 843-2798
Polymer Electrolytic
Cornell-Dubilier (ESRD)
(508) 996-8561
(508) 996-3830
Sanyo (POSCAP)
(619) 661-6322
(619) 661-1055
Maximum Available Output Current
The LM3352 cannot provide 200 mA under all V
conditions. The V
OUT vs VIN graphs in the Typical Perfor-
mance Characteristics section show the minimum V
IN at
which the LM3352 is capable of providing different load cur-
rents while maintaining V
OUT regulation. Refer to the Electri-
cal Characteristics for guaranteed conditions.
Maximum Load Under Start-Up
Due to the LM3352’s unique start-up sequence, it is not able
to start up under all load conditions. Starting with 45 mA or
less will allow the part to start correctly under any tempera-
ture or input voltage conditions. After the output is in regula-
tion, any load up to the maximum as specified in the Electri-
cal Characteristics may be applied. Using a Power On Reset
circuit, such as the LP3470, is recommended if greater start
up loads are expected. Under certain conditions the LM3352
can start up with greater load currents without the use of a
Power On Reset Circuit (
See application note AN-1144:
Maximizing Startup Loads with the LM3352 Regulated
Buck/Boost Switched Capacitor Converter).
Thermal Protection
During output short circuit conditions, the LM3352 will draw
high currents causing a rise in the junction temperature.
On-chip thermal protection circuitry disables the charge
pump action once the junction temperature exceeds the
thermal trip point, and re-enables the charge pump when the
junction temperature falls back to a safe operating point.
Typical Application Circuits
FIGURE 2. Basic Buck/Boost Regulator

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