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MC92604 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - NXP Semiconductors

Part # MC92604
Description  Dual Gigabit Ethernet SerDes Transceiver
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Manufacturer  NXP [NXP Semiconductors]
Direct Link  http://www.nxp.com
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MC92604 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - NXP Semiconductors

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Common features
> Independent SerDes channels with
full-duplex differential data links
> Configurable as a single channel
device to provide redundant transmit
and receive serial links
> Selectable speed range: 1.25 Gbaud
or 0.625 Gbaud
> Internal 8B/10B encoder/decoders
> Source synchronous parallel data
input interfaces
> Selectable source-synchronous
or source-centered timing on receiver
> Links drive 50-ohm or 75-ohm media
(100- or 150-ohm differential),
backplane or cable
> Link inputs have on-chip receiver
link termination and are “hot-swap”
> Low power: <0.6 W, under typical
conditions, while operating in backplane
mode with all transceivers at full speed
> Unused transceiver channels may be
individually disabled to reduce power
> IEEE Std 1149.1 JTAG support and
full-speed built-in self test functions
Backplane application features
> Link-to-link synchronization supports
aligned, multi-channel, word transfers.
Synchronization mechanism tolerates
up to 40 bit-times of link-to-link media
delay skew
> Supports Disparity Based Word Sync
Events for compatibility with legacy
> Selectable COMMA code group
alignment mode enables aligned or
unaligned transfers
Ethernet friendly features
> GMII, TBI, RGMII or RTBI data interface
> COMMA code group alignment
in receivers
> Provides the PCS and PMA layers
for Ethernet PHYs as specified in
IEEE Std. 802.3-2002
> MDIO slave interface and registers
as defined in IEEE Std. 802.3-2002
is fully supported
> MDIO interface is available in
all operating modes
Technical specifications
> All channels have:
• 8B/10B encoder/decoder that can
be enabled or bypassed in Ten-Bit
Interface (TBI) mode
• Clock generation/recovery
• Independent 8/10-bit or 4/5-bit system
I/F with parallel-to-serial, serial-to-parallel
> Transmit data clock is selectable between
per-channel transmit clock or channel ‘A’
transmit clock
> Received data may be clocked at
the recovered clock or the reference
clock frequencies
> Half frequency, split-phase recovered clock
in TBI (10-bit) mode
> Transceiver Links operate over 50-ohm or
75-ohm media (100- or 150-ohm differential)
for lengths of up to 1.5 meters of FR-4
board/back-plane, or 10 meters of coax
> No external loop filter components required
> System BIST test modes with error counter
> Loopback BIST isolated from link inputs
and outputs
> IEEE Std 1149.1 JTAG boundary
scan support
> LVPECL differential reference clock input
with single-ended LVTTL reference clock
input option
> Two single ended buffered Ref Clock outputs
provided for associated logic interfaces
> Frequency offset tolerance between transmitter
and receiver in excess of ± 250 ppm
Freescale™ and the Freescale logo are trademarks of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.
© Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. 2004
> Power Supply
• Core Power Supply: 1.8 V ± 0.15 Vdc
• Data I/O Power Supply:
(LVTTL) 3.3 V ± 0.10 Vdc
or (SSTL-2) 2.5 V ± 0.20 Vdc
• Link I/O Power Supply:
1.8 V ± 0.15 Vdc
> Power Dissipation
• Typical operation at maximum speed:
<250 mW per channel in backplane
mode <350 mW per channel in
Ethernet mode
> 196 pin MAPBGA
(15x15 mm body size,
1.0 mm ball pitch)
Learn More: For more information about Freescale products, visit www.motorola.com/semiconductors

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