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RT6203B Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Richtek Technology Corporation

Part No. RT6203B
Description  5A, 18V, 700kHz ACOTTM Synchronous Step-Down Converter with VID Control
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Maker  RICHTEK [Richtek Technology Corporation]
Homepage  http://www.richtek.com

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DS6203B-01 July 2017
Copyright 2017 Richtek Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.
is a registered trademark of Richtek Technology Corporation.
Shutdown, Start-Up and Enable (EN)
The enable input (EN) has a logic-low level of 0.4V. When
VEN is below this level the IC enters shutdown mode and
supply current drops to less than 10
μA. When VEN exceeds
its logic-high level of 2V the IC is fully operational. Unlike
many competing devices, EN is a high voltage input that
can be safely connected to VIN (up to 18V) for automatic
Input Under-Voltage Lockout
In addition to the enable function, the RT6203B feature an
Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) function that monitors the
internal linear regulator output (PVCC). To prevent
operation without fully-enhanced internal MOSFET
switches, this function inhibits switching when VCC drops
below the UVLO falling threshold. The IC resumes
switching when VCC exceeds the UVLO rising threshold.
Soft-Start (SS)
The RT6203B soft-start uses an external pin (SS) to clamp
the output voltage and allow it to slowly rise. After VEN is
high and VIN exceeds its UVLO threshold, the IC begins
to source 6
μA from the SS pin. An external capacitor at
SS is used to adjust the soft-start timing. Following below
equation to get the minimum capacitance range in order
to avoid UV occurs.
Do not leave SS unconnected. During start-up the SS
capacitor is charged and the RT6203B operates in
discontinuous switching mode with very small pulses. This
prevents negative inductor currents and keeps the circuit
from sinking current. Therefore, the output voltage may
be pre-biased to some positive level before start-up. Once
the VSS ramp charges enough to raise the internal reference
above the feedback voltage, switching will begin and the
output voltage will smoothly rise from the pre-biased level
to its regulated level. After VSS rises above about 2.2V
output over- and under-voltage protections are enabled and
the RT6203B begins continuous-switching operation.
Internal Regulator (PVCC)
An internal linear regulator (PVCC) produces a 5V supply
from VIN. The 5V power supplies the internal control circuit,
such as internal gate drivers, PWM logic, reference, analog
circuitry, and other blocks. 1
μF ceramic capacitor for
decoupling and stability is required.
Over-Temperature Protection
The RT6203B includes an Over-Temperature Protection
(OTP) circuitry to prevent overheating due to excessive
power dissipation. The OTP will shut down switching
operation when the junction temperature exceeds 150
Once the junction temperature cools down by
approximately 20
°C the IC will resume normal operation
with a complete soft-start. For continuous operation,
provide adequate cooling so that the junction temperature
does not exceed 150
0.75 1.2
t =
Load Current
t6 A

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