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EM78P447NAM Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - ELAN Microelectronics Corp

Part No. EM78P447NAM
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Manufacturer  EMC [ELAN Microelectronics Corp]
Direct Link  http://www.emc.com.tw
Logo EMC - ELAN Microelectronics Corp

EM78P447NAM Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - ELAN Microelectronics Corp

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• The contents of the prescaler counter will be cleared only when TCC register is written a value.
3. R2 (Program Counter) & Stack
• Depending on the device type, R2 and hardware stack are 10-bit wide. The structure is depicted in
• Generating 1024
×13 bits on-chip OTP ROM addresses to the relative programming instruction
codes. One program page is 1024 words long.
• R2 is set as all "0"s when under RESET condition.
• "JMP" instruction allows direct loading of the lower 10 program counter bits. Thus, "JMP" allows PC
to go to any location within a page.
• "CALL" instruction loads the lower 10 bits of the PC, and then PC+1 is pushed into the stack. Thus,
the subroutine entry address can be located anywhere within a page.
• "RET" ("RETL k", "RETI") instruction loads the program counter with the contents of the top-level
• "ADD R2,A" allows the contents of ‘A’ to be added to the current PC, and the ninth and tenth bits of
the PC are cleared.
• "MOV R2,A" allows to load an address from the "A" register to the lower 8 bits of the PC, and the
ninth and tenth bits of the PC are cleared.
• Any instruction that writes to R2 (e.g. "ADD R2,A", "MOV R2,A", "BC R2,6",
⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅) will cause the ninth
and tenth bits (A8~A9) of the PC to be cleared. Thus, the computed jump is limited to the first 256
locations of a page.
• All instruction are single instruction cycle (fclk/2 or fclk/4) except for the instruction that would
change the contents of R2. Such instruction will need one more instruction cycle.
On-chip Program
Hardware Vector
Software Vector
Reset Vector
A9 A8
A11 A10
Stack Level 1
Stack Level 3
Stack Level 2
Stack Level 4
Stack Level 5
00 PAGE0 0000~03FF
01 PAGE1 0400~07FF
10 PAGE2 0800~0BFF
11 PAGE3 0C00~0FFF
Fig. 3 Program Counter Organization
This specification is subject to change without prior notice.
10.21.2004 (V1.0)

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