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EM78P447NAM Datasheet(PDF) 14 Page - ELAN Microelectronics Corp

Part # EM78P447NAM
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Manufacturer  EMC [ELAN Microelectronics Corp]
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EM78P447NAM Datasheet(HTML) 14 Page - ELAN Microelectronics Corp

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1: Enable open-drain output.
The ODE bit can be read and written.
• Bit 5 (WDTE) Control bit used to enable Watchdog timer.
The WDTE bit is useful only when ENWDT, the CODE Option bit, is "0". It is only when the ENWDT bit
is "0" that WDTE bit. is able to disabled/enabled the WDT.
0: Disable WDT.
1: Enable WDT.
The WDTE bit is not used if ENWDT, the CODE Option bit ENWDT, is "1". That is, if the ENWDT bit is
"1", WDT is always disabled no matter what the WDTE bit status is.
The WDTE bit can be read and written.
• Bit 4 (SLPC) This bit is set by hardware at the low level trigger of wake-up signal and is cleared by
software. SLPC is used to control the oscillator operation. The oscillator is disabled (oscillator is
stopped, and the controller enters into SLEEP2 mode) on the high-to-low transition and is enabled
(controller is awakened from SLEEP2 mode) on low-to-high transition. In order to ensure the stable
output of the oscillator, once the oscillator is enabled again, there is a delay for approximately 18ms
(oscillator start-up timer, OST) before the next instruction of the program is executed. The OST is
always activated by a wake-up event from sleep mode regardless of the Code Option bit ENWDT
status is "0" or otherwise. After waking up, the WDT is enabled if the Code Option ENWDT is "1".
The block diagram of SLEEP2 mode and wake-up invoked by an input trigger is depicted in Fig. 5.
The SLPC bit can be read and written.
• Bit 3 (ROC) ROC is used for the R-option. Setting ROC to "1" will enable the status of R-option pins
(P70, P71) for the controller to read. Clearing ROC will disable the R-option function. Otherwise, the
R-option function is introduced. Users must connect the P71 pin or/and P70 pin to VSS with a
Ω external resistor (Rex). If Rex is connected/disconnected with VDD, the status of P70 (P71)
will be read as "0"/"1" (refer to Fig. 7(b)). The ROC bit can be read and written.
• Bit 0 (/WUE) Control bit is used to enable the wake-up function of P74 and P75.
0: Enable the wake-up function.
1: Disable the wake-up function.
The /WUE bit can be read and written.
• Bits 1~2, and 7 Not used.
1 <Note>: Vdd = 5V, set up time period = 16.2ms ± 30%
Vdd = 3V, set up time period = 19.6ms ± 30%
This specification is subject to change without prior notice.
10.21.2004 (V1.0)

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