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ATF1502ASV-15AI44 Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - ATMEL Corporation

Part # ATF1502ASV-15AI44
Description  Highperformance EEPROM CPLD
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Manufacturer  ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.atmel.com
Logo ATMEL - ATMEL Corporation

ATF1502ASV-15AI44 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - ATMEL Corporation

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The ATF1502ASV’s flip-flop has very flexible data and control functions. The data input
can come from either the XOR gate, from a separate product term or directly from the
I/O pin. Selecting the separate product term allows creation of a buried registered feed-
back within a combinatorial output macrocell. (This feature is automatically implemented
by the fitter software). In addition to D, T, JK and SR operation, the flip-flop can also be
configured as a flow-through latch. In this mode, data passes through when the clock is
high and is latched when the clock is low.
The clock itself can be either one of the Global CLK signals (GCK[0 : 2]) or an individual
product term. The flip-flop changes state on the clock’s rising edge. When the GCK sig-
nal is used as the clock, one of the macrocell product terms can be selected as a clock
enable. When the clock enable function is active and the enable signal (product term) is
low, all clock edges are ignored. The flip-flop’s asynchronous reset signal (AR) can be
either the Global Clear (GCLEAR), a product term, or always off. AR can also be a logic
OR of GCLEAR with a product term. The asynchronous preset (AP) can be a product
term or always off.
Extra Feedback
The ATF1502ASV macrocell output can be selected as registered or combinatorial.The
extra buried feedback signal can be either combinatorial or a registered signal regard-
less of whether the output is combinatorial or registered. (This enhancement function is
automatically implemented by the fitter software.) Feedback of a buried combinatorial
output allows the creation of a second latch within a macrocell.
I/O Control
The output enable multiplexer (MOE) controls the output enable signal. Each I/O can be
individually configured as an input, output or for bi-directional operation. The output
enable for each macrocell can be selected from the true or compliment of the two output
enable pins, a subset of the I/O pins, or a subset of the I/O macrocells. This selection is
automatically done by the fitter software when the I/O is configured as an input, all mac-
rocell resources are still available, including the buried feedback, expander and cascade
Global Bus/Switch Matrix The global bus contains all input and I/O pin signals as well as the buried feedback sig-
nal from all 32 macrocells. The switch matrix in each logic block receives as its inputs all
signals from the global bus. Under software control, up to 40 of these signals can be
selected as inputs to the logic block.
Foldback Bus
Each macrocell also generates a foldback product term. This signal goes to the regional
bus and is available to four macrocells. The foldback is an inverse polarity of one of the
macrocell’s product terms. The four foldback terms in each region allow generation of
high fan-in sum terms (up to nine product terms) with little additional delay.
Programmable Pin-
keeper Option for
Inputs and I/Os
The ATF1502ASV offers the option of programming all input and I/O pins so that pin-
keeper circuits can be utilized. When any pin is driven high or low and then subse-
quently left floating, it will stay at that previous high or low level. This circuitry prevents
unused input and I/O lines from floating to intermediate voltage levels, which causes
unnecessary power consumption and system noise. The keeper circuits eliminate the
need for external pull-up resistors and eliminate their DC power consumption.

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