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AXG106144 Datasheet(PDF) 10 Page - Panasonic Semiconductor

Part # AXG106144
Description  Automation Controls Catalog
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Manufacturer  PANASONIC [Panasonic Semiconductor]
Direct Link  http://www.panasonic.com/industrial/
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AXG106144 Datasheet(HTML) 10 Page - Panasonic Semiconductor

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Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors/High Current Connectors
ACCTB48E 201803-T
Regarding the selection of the connector placement machine and the mounting
Regarding soldering
Reflow soldering
Hand soldering
1) Select the placement machine taking into consideration the
connector height, required positioning accuracy, and packaging
2) Be aware that if the chucking force of the placement machine
is too great, it may deform the shape of the connector body or
connector terminals.
3) Be aware that during mounting, external forces may be
applied to the connector contact surfaces and terminals and
cause deformations.
4) Depending on the size of the connector being used, self
alignment may not be possible. In such cases, be sure to
carefully position the terminal with the PC board pattern.
5) The positioning bosses give an approximate alignment for
positioning on the PC board. For accurate positioning of the
connector when mounting it to the PC board, we recommend
using an automatic positioning machine.
6) In case of dry condition, please note the occurrence of static
electricity. The product may be adhered to the embossed carrier
tape or the cover tape in dry condition. Recommended humidity
is from 40 to 60%RH and please remove static electricity by
ionizer in manufacturing process.
1) Measure the recommended profile temperature for reflow
soldering by placing a sensor on the PC board near the
connector surface or terminals. (Please refer to the specification
for detail because the temperature setting differs by products.)
2) As for cream solder printing, screen printing is recommended.
3) When setting the screen opening area and PC board foot
pattern area, refer the recommended PC board pattern and
window size of metal mask on the specification sheet, and make
sure that the size of board pattern and metal mask at the base of
the terminals are not increased.
4) Please pay attentions not to provide too much solder. It
makes miss mating because of interference at soldering portion
when mating.
5) When mounting on both sides of the PC board and the
connector is mounting on the underside, use adhesives or other
means to ensure the connector is properly fixed to the PC board.
(Double reflow soldering on the same side is possible.)
6) The condition of solder or flux rise and wettability varies
depending on the type of solder and flux. Solder and flux
characteristics should be taken into consideration and also set
the reflow temperature and oxygen level.
7) Do not use resin-containing solder. Otherwise, the contacts
might be firmly fixed.
8) Soldering conditions
Please use the reflow temperature profile conditions
recommended below for reflow soldering. Please contact our
sales office before using a temperature profile other than that
described below (e.g. lead-free solder)
For products other than the ones above, please refer to the
latest product specifications.
9) The temperature profiles given in this catalog are values
measured when using the connector on a resin-based PC
board. When performed reflow soldering on a metal board (iron,
aluminum, etc.) or a metal table to mount on a FPC, make sure
there is no deformation or discoloration of the connector before
10) Please contact our sales office when using a screen-printing
thickness other than that recommended.
Paste solder
PC board foot pattern
60 to 120 sec.
Peak temperature
Peak temperature
70 sec.
25 sec.
Upper limited
(Solder heat resistance)
Lower limited
(Solder wettability)
1) Set the soldering iron so that the tip temperature is less than
that given in the table below.
Table A
2) Do not allow flux to spread onto the connector leads or PC
board. This may lead to flux rising up to the connector inside.
3) Touch the soldering iron to the foot pattern. After the foot
pattern and connector terminal are heated, apply the solder wire
so it melts at the end of the connector terminals.
4) Be aware that soldering while applying a load on the
connector terminals may cause improper operation of the
5) Thoroughly clean the soldering iron.
6) Flux from the solder wire may get on the contact surfaces
during soldering operations. After soldering, carefully check the
contact surfaces and clean off any solder before use.
7) These connector is low profile type. If too much solder is
supplied for hand soldering, It makes miss mating because of
interference at soldering portion. Please pay attentions.
Product name
Soldering iron temperature
SMD type connectors all products
°C within 5 sec.
°C within 3 sec.
Apply the solder
wire here
Small angle as
possible up to
45 degrees
PC board

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