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AXE820124 Datasheet(PDF) 7 Page - Panasonic Semiconductor

Part No. AXE820124
Description  Automation Controls Catalog
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Manufacturer  PANASONIC [Panasonic Semiconductor]
Direct Link  http://www.panasonic.com/industrial/
Logo PANASONIC - Panasonic Semiconductor

AXE820124 Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - Panasonic Semiconductor

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ACCTB48E 201803-T
For board-to-board/board-to-FPC
About safety remarks
Observe the following safety remarks to prevent accidents and injuries.
Regarding the design of devices and PC board patterns
Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors/
High Current Connectors
1) Do not use these connectors beyond the specification sheets.
The usage outside of specified rated current, dielectric strength,
and environmental conditions and so on may cause circuitry
damage via abnormal heating, smoke, and fire.
2) In order to avoid accidents, your thorough specification review
is appreciated. Please contact our sales office if your usage is
out of the specifications. Otherwise, Panasonic Corporation
cannot guarantee the quality and reliability.
3) Panasonic Corporation is consistently striving to improve
quality and reliability. However, the fact remains that electrical
components and devices generally cause failures at a given
statistical probability. Furthermore, their durability varies with
use environments or use conditions. In this respect, please
check for actual electrical components and devices under actual
conditions before use. Continued usage in a state of degraded
condition may cause the deteriorated insulation, thus result in
abnormal heat, smoke or firing. Please carry out safety design
and periodic maintenance including redundancy design, design
for fire spread prevention, and design for malfunction prevention
so that no accidents resulting in injury or death, fire accidents, or
social damage will be caused as a result of failure of the
products or ending life of the products.
1) When using the board to board connectors, do not connect a
pair of board with multiple connectors. Otherwise, misaligned
connector positions may cause mating failure or product
2) With mounting equipment, there may be up to a
±0.2 to 0.3
mm error in positioning. Be sure to design PC boards and
patterns while taking into consideration the performance and
abilities of the required equipment.
3) Some connectors have tabs embossed on the body to aid in
positioning. When using these connectors, make sure that the
PC board is designed with positioning holes to match these tabs.
4) To ensure the required mechanical strength when soldering
the connector terminals, make sure the PC board meets
recommended PC board pattern design dimensions given.
5) PC board
Control the thicknesses of the cover lay and adhesive to prevent
poor soldering. This connector has no stand-off. Therefore,
minimize the thickness of the cover lay, etc. so as to prevent the
occurrence of poor soldering.
6) For all connectors of the narrow pitch series, to prevent the
PC board from coming off during vibrations or impacts, and to
prevent loads from falling directly on the soldered portions, be
sure to design some means to fix the PC board in place.
Example) Secure in place with screws
When connecting PC boards, take appropriate measures to
prevent the connector from coming off.
7) When mounting connectors on a FPC
• When the connector soldered to FPC is mated or unmated,
solder detachment may occur by the force to the terminals.
Connector handling is recommended in the condition when the
reinforcing plate is attached to the backside of FPC where the
connector is mounted. The external dimension of the reinforcing
plate is recommended to be larger than the dimension of
“Recommended PC board pattern” (extended dimension of one
side is approximately 0.5 to 1.0 mm). The materials and
thickness of the reinforcing plate are glass epoxy or polyimide
(thickness 0.2 to 0.3 mm) or SUS (thickness 0.1 to 0.2 mm).
• As this connector has temporary locking structure, the
connector mating may be separated by the dropping impact
depend on the size, weight or bending force of the FPC. Please
consider the measures at usage to prevent the mating
8) The narrow pitch connector series is designed to be compact
and thin. Although ease of handling has been taken into
account, take care when mating the connectors, as
displacement or angled mating could damage or deform the
PC board

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