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SC16IS750IBS Datasheet(HTML) 17 Page - NXP Semiconductors

Part No. SC16IS750IBS
Description  Single UART with I2C-bus/SPI interface, 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFOs, IrDA SIR built-in support
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Maker  NXP [NXP Semiconductors]
Homepage  http://www.nxp.com

SC16IS750IBS Datasheet(HTML) 17 Page - NXP Semiconductors

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© NXP B.V. 2008. All rights reserved.
Product data sheet
Rev. 06 — 13 May 2008
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NXP Semiconductors
Single UART with I2C-bus/SPI interface, 64-byte FIFOs, IrDA SIR
7.6 Sleep mode
Sleep mode is an enhanced feature of the SC16IS740/750/760 UART. It is enabled when
EFR[4], the enhanced functions bit, is set and when IER[4] is set. Sleep mode is entered
The serial data input line, RX, is idle (see Section 7.7 “Break and time-out
The TX FIFO and TX shift register are empty.
There are no interrupts pending except THR.
Remark: Sleep mode will not be entered if there is data in the RX FIFO.
In Sleep mode, the clock to the UART is stopped. Since most registers are clocked using
these clocks, the power consumption is greatly reduced. The UART will wake up when any
change is detected on the RX line, when there is any change in the state of the modem
input pins, or if data is written to the TX FIFO.
Remark: Writing to the divisor latches, DLL and DLH, to set the baud clock, must not be
done during Sleep mode. Therefore, it is advisable to disable Sleep mode using IER[4]
before writing to DLL or DLH.
7.7 Break and time-out conditions
When the UART receives a number of characters and these data are not enough to set off
the receive interrupt (because they do not reach the receive trigger level), the UART will
generate a time-out interrupt instead, 4 character times after the last character is
received. The time-out counter will be reset at the center of each stop bit received or each
time the receive FIFO is read.
A break condition is detected when the RX pin is pulled LOW for a duration longer than
the time it takes to send a complete character plus Start, Stop and Parity bits. A break
condition can be sent by setting LCR[6]. When this happens the TX pin will be pulled LOW
until LSR[6] is cleared by the software.
7.8 Programmable baud rate generator
The SC16IS740/750/760 UART contains a programmable baud rate generator that takes
any clock input and divides it by a divisor in the range between 1 and (216 – 1). An
additional divide-by-4 prescaler is also available and can be selected by MCR[7], as
shown in Figure 14. The output frequency of the baud rate generator is 16
× the baud rate.
The formula for the divisor is given in Equation 1:
prescaler = 1, when MCR[7] is set to ‘0’ after reset (divide-by-1 clock selected)
prescaler = 4, when MCR[7] is set to ‘1’ after reset (divide-by-4 clock selected).
Remark: The default value of prescaler after reset is divide-by-1.
XTAL1 crystal input frequency
desired baud rate

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