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SC16IS750IBS Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - NXP Semiconductors

Part No. SC16IS750IBS
Description  Single UART with I2C-bus/SPI interface, 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFOs, IrDA SIR built-in support
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Maker  NXP [NXP Semiconductors]
Homepage  http://www.nxp.com

SC16IS750IBS Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - NXP Semiconductors

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Product data sheet
Rev. 06 — 13 May 2008
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NXP Semiconductors
Single UART with I2C-bus/SPI interface, 64-byte FIFOs, IrDA SIR
HVQFN24 package die supply ground is connected to both VSS pins and exposed center pad. VSS pins must be connected to supply
ground for proper device operation. For enhanced thermal, electrical, and board level performance, the exposed pad needs to be
soldered to the board using a corresponding thermal pad on the board and for proper heat conduction through the board, thermal vias
need to be incorporated in the PCB in the thermal pad region.
Functional description
The UART will perform serial-to-I2C conversion on data characters received from
peripheral devices or modems, and I2C-to-serial conversion on data characters
transmitted by the host. The complete status the SC16IS740/750/760 UART can be read
at any time during functional operation by the host.
The SC16IS740/750/760 can be placed in an alternate mode (FIFO mode) relieving the
host of excessive software overhead by buffering received/transmitted characters. Both
the receiver and transmitter FIFOs can store up to 64 characters (including three
additional bits of error status per character for the receiver FIFO) and have selectable or
programmable trigger levels.
The SC16IS740/750/760 has selectable hardware flow control and software flow control.
Hardware flow control significantly reduces software overhead and increases system
efficiency by automatically controlling serial data flow using the RTS output and CTS input
signals. Software flow control automatically controls data flow by using programmable
Xon/Xoff characters.
The UART includes a programmable baud rate generator that can divide the timing
reference clock input by a divisor between 1 and (216 – 1).
7.1 Trigger levels
The SC16IS740/750/760 provides independently selectable and programmable trigger
levels for both receiver and transmitter interrupt generation. After reset, both transmitter
and receiver FIFOs are disabled and so, in effect, the trigger level is the default value of
one character. The selectable trigger levels are available via the FCR. The programmable
trigger levels are available via the TLR. If TLR bits are cleared then selectable trigger level
in FCR is used. If TLR bits are not cleared then programmable trigger level in TLR is used.
7.2 Hardware flow control
Hardware flow control is comprised of auto CTS and auto RTS (see Figure 8). Auto CTS
and auto RTS can be enabled/disabled independently by programming EFR[7:6].
With auto CTS, CTS must be active before the UART can transmit data.
Auto RTS only activates the RTS output when there is enough room in the FIFO to receive
data and de-activates the RTS output when the RX FIFO is sufficiently full. The halt and
resume trigger levels in the TCR determine the levels at which RTS is
activated/deactivated. If TCR bits are cleared then selectable trigger levels in FCR are
used in place of TCR.
If both auto CTS and auto RTS are enabled, when RTS is connected to CTS, data
transmission does not occur unless the receiver FIFO has empty space. Thus, overrun
errors are eliminated during hardware flow control. If not enabled, overrun errors occur if
the transmit data rate exceeds the receive FIFO servicing latency.

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