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TS39300CZC0 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd

Part No. TS39300CZC0
Description  3A Ultra Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Multi-Function
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Maker  TSC [Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd]
Homepage  http://www.taiwansemi.com

TS39300CZC0 Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd

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3A Ultra Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
with Multi-Function
Version: B07
Application Information
The TS39300/1/2/3 are high performance with low dropout voltage regulator suitable for moderate to high current and
voltage regulator application. Its 630mV dropout voltage at full load and over temperature makes it especially valuable
in battery power systems and as high efficiency noise filters in post regulator applications. Unlike normal NPN
transistor design, where the base to emitter voltage drop and collector to emitter saturation voltage limit the minimum
dropout voltage, dropout performance of the PNP output of these devices is limited only by low VCE saturation voltage.
The TS39300/1/2/3 is fully protected from damage due to fault conditions. Linear current limiting is provided. Output
current during overload conditions is constant. Thermal shutdown the device when the die temperature exceeds the
maximum safe operating temperature. Transient protection allows device survival even when the input voltage spikes
above and below nominal. The output structure of these regulators allows voltages in excess of the desired output
voltage to be applied without reverse current flow.
Output Capacitor Requirement
The TS39300/1/2/3 requires an output capacitor to maintain stability and improve transient response is necessary. The
value of this capacitor is dependent upon the output current, lower currents allow smaller capacitors. TS39300/1/2/3
output capacitor selection is dependent upon the ESR of the output capacitor to maintain stability. When the output
capacitor is 10uF or greater, the output capacitor should have an ESR less than 2Ω. This will improve transient
response as well as promote stability. Ultra low ESR capacitors (<100mΩ), such as ceramic chip capacitors, may
promote instability. These very low ESR levels may cause an oscillation and/or under damped transient response. A
low ESR solid tantalum capacitor works extremely well and provides good transient response and stability over
temperature aluminum electrolytes can also be used, as long as the ESR of the capacitor is <2Ω. The value of the
output capacitor can be increased without limit. Higher capacitance values help to improve transient response and
ripple rejection and reduce output noise.
Input Capacitor Requirement
An input capacitor of 1uF or greater is recommended when the device is more than 4” away from the bulk AC supply
capacitance or when the supply is a battery. Small, surface mount, ceramic chip capacitors can be used for bypassing.
Larger values will help to improve ripple rejection by bypassing the input to the regulator, further improving the integrity
of the output voltage.
Minimum Load Current
The TS39300/1/2/3 is specified between finite loads. If the output current is too small leakage currents dominate and
the output voltage rises. A 10mA minimum load current is necessary for proper regulation.
Adjustable Regulator Design
The adjustable regulator versions (TS39302) is allow to programming the output voltage anywhere between 1.25 and
the 16V maximum operating rating of the family.
Two resistors are used. Resistors can be quite large up to 1MΩ, because of the very high input impedance and low
bias current of the sense comparator, the resistor values are calculated by:
Where VOUT is the desired output voltage. Above application circuit shows component definition. Applications with
widely varying load currents may scale the resistors to draw the minimum load current required for proper operation.

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